The Vinification

Harvest is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner by selecting the best plots according to their quality and maturity.

The grapes are then put into 3 to 4 weeks of controlled-temperature alcoholic fermentation for a slow yet intense extraction of the colourings and tannins.

Grapes are added into the oval, egg-shaped tanks for fermentation, which ferments richer and softer wines, as compared to fermentation in square tanks.Wine is regularly transferred out from the bottom of the vats and pumped back in order to extract the most aromatic compounds from the seeds and skins. A proportion of the wine (30-40%) is then aged in oak barrels (new and old) for 12 to 15 months.

Our winemaking team conducts tastings of the barreled-wines on a regular basis, and strive to present the most quality wine at the right time.


Egg-Shaped Barrels

Egg-shaped barrels are used for malolactic fermentation, which produces richer and more silky-mouthfeel wines, less reductive than when fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks or in clay vats.

The unique shape of this tank allows it to create a vortex (a continuous flow/circulation of liquid in the tank), which is slow and a natural bream that allows the wine (and the heavy particles) to flow, creating a more homogenous liquid. And therefore, there is also no need to stir the wine manually.

The aim is also to leave no residual taste, which gives us the wines that are a great expression of its terroir.

One of the most prestigious estates, such as Château Cheval Blanc, is also using the egg-shaped barrels!


Morat Oak Barrels

It is most fortunate that we are able to use the Morat oak barrels. The barrels are made from fine oak trees that are up to 350 years in age! The Morat oak barrels are very rare and precious, they are also one of the most ideal barrels for a good vinification.

During the vinification, the wine is exposed to these fine oak, resulting in a stunning change in taste and texture.

Morat oak barrel gives wines a complex combination of aroma, such as smokiness, vanilla and coffee. Wines are also purer, more delicate and mellow.